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Hello and welcome to mobilehomelands.com! WE are adding to our property listings daily as we seek out some of the most stunning places in the country to call your own!

About Mobilehomelands.com

I am very excited to share my home state of Colorado with you. I have traveled around the world for an entire year and on my return, could not believe how beautiful my own backyard in the Rocky Mountains stacked up with the 16 countries my wife and I visited.

We always joked amongst friends and family that Colorado is a horrible place–dreadful weather, no scenic views–all in the hopes that not too many people would move in and fill up our roads and wilderness areas anc that word would not get out. Well, it is way too late for that mindset–we’ve been found out! 

Despite Colorado’s recognition as a great place to live, you can still find places where you won’t see anyone for days. You just have to work a little harder to discover where those best places still remain. 

My goal is to find great getaway properties in those best places and put them here for you to discover. You just might find city life and traffic jams to be a bit too much and a change of pace and of lifestyle might be what the rural land doctor ordered…

Oh, and a common question I hear–‘Are you focused on putting mobile homes on rural land properties?’ To be honest, I picked the name because I liked the sound of getting mobile, getting out of the big cities to break free of the daily crush of traffic. Find a home away from home on your own piece of land. 

Mobile + Home + Land = mobilehomelands.com was born!